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Derma-roller | 0.25mm

The Fit Injector

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Derma-rolling aka micro-needling is a revolutionary skin treatment, designed for personal, at home use

This 0.25mm device with 540 medical grade titanium needles will naturally stimulate collagen & elastin production & assist in delivery of topical agents into the skin

For | Most skin types (not suitable for active acne, rosacea or broken skin)

Expect | smoother skin, reduction of fine lines, improvement of scarring & pigmentation

Routine | use on for face, neck, chest, body areas 1-2 times per week. Replace roller every 6-12 months (with regular use)

Cleanse skin prior, apply moisturiser post, clean device thoroughly after use (with cleaning alcohol) & store in the protective case between uses

Avoid AHA/BHA products, scrubs or vitamin A products post

MoreWatch the 'how to derma-roll' video here!