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A+ | Vitamin A Serum

The Fit Injector

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Stimulates collagen, anti-inflammatory, epidermal remodelling, DNA repair. Contains the skins natural storage form of vitamin A (Retinaldehyde, low irritation risk, high compliance)

For | all skin types 

Use | apply 1 pump to face & neck in the evening after cleansing & follow with moisturiser

Start by using the 0.5% x 2 per week & increase slowly to every 2nd evening, step up the results with the 1% next

Key Actives | Retinaldehyde 0.5% - 1%, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Helioguard 365

More | 30ml, airless pump (hygienic, measured dose, lasts 6+ months)

Made in Australia | 100% Recyclable | Cruelty Free